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Our mission is to help our clients capitalize on the strategic, technological & financial benefits of open source software.

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BlackPond, global provider of products and services for accelerating software development through the managed use of open source software. Our mission is to help our clients improve their IT operations, financial benefits and strategies through the use of Open Source Software. We reckon that the evolution of Open Source Software has reached the point where it can be used by organizations of all sizes to meet many of their enterprise IT needs.

BlackPond, open source management consulting and advisory services firm has identified number of Open Source products & tools that can have a significant impact on our client's IT operations and seize business agility. We have partnered with the organizations that produce these Open Source products to provide professional services for these products.

Through a proven and committed ecosystem of alliance partners, associate partners, we empowered to deliver world-class results for our clients. This strategic ecosystem provides an unbeatable array of technologies that are well matched to compliment the open source tools we have developed, mastered and supported over the years.

Our commercial and community software construction methodology that results in world class capabilities, agility and supreme flexibility, with a cost effective & efficient solution to your customized business needs.

We also offer open source advisory services that guide enterprises how open source software should be adopted without undertaking undue risks while maximizing cost benefits.


We provide a number of services to our clients, including: Systems Integration, Training, Product Support and Hosting. Our goal is to provide reliable and quality services that will solve your technology and business problems.


We understand that this is the first and the most critical step before an active engagement. While we have extensive experience in mapping customer’s business processes into both the product process maps and with the industry best practices, our differentiation stems from the fact that the core team engaged in the consulting phase will also be responsible for project scoping and project governance leading to better accountability. This is always a gap in any engagement and often leads to fitting a square peg into a round hole. We are cognizant of this fact and do feel the need for resource continuity at every stage in the engagement. Our consulting services include assessing organization readiness, mapping (as-is / to-be), RoI Calculation, align / re-align the process to meet the corporate strategy and product selection.


The critical success factors for any implementation are as follows:-

  • getting the configuration right
  • planning for data migration and
  • educating the end-users about the new environment


This is our sweet spot. By the virtue of supporting numerous customers across verticals, our consultants have created a knowledge repository of the typical processes and the potential problems associated with them in a typical BRM/ERP/CRM/ECommerce implementation. This helps us in committing aggressive service levels to our customers and more importantly honouring them. Depending on the business criticality and the cost of maintenance, we propose support models. Our support models have been defined with the business need in mind and not the price we would be expecting.

Staff Augmentation

Need an extra hand? As Staff Augmentation Services, we offer certified and experienced Open Source Professionals as per your temporary or permanent requirements While sudden overburdening of your existing staff is bound to decrease their work quality, at the same time, outsourcing sometimes leads to lack of communication between you and the employees of the Outsourced Company. Our one-stop-shop does not only give you with solutions to your technical requirements but also provides you with the right man for its implementation and maintenance. Whether your requirements are temporary or permanent, we offer certified and experienced Open Source professionals in the form of Staff Augmentation Services. You won’t have to recruit them, train them or incur any administrative expenses yet they will work exclusively on your projects.


A world of exciting opportunities await you. Be a part of our growing team. Explore an exciting career with a young and dynamic Company. We are growing and looking for right candidates


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